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Four Free Online Favicon Generators

The tiny 16×16 pixel website icon (known as favicon) that graces every website window (or tab) is probably one of the most ignored aspects of website design. Favicons not only helps you in building your brand but also is an essential aid to heavy-duty surfers. They allow user to quickly identify your webpage amongst the […]

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Wp-Spamfree – Banish Comment Spam

Comment spam is something every blogger has to endure on a daily basis. The default antispam plugin – Akismet, does a decent job of filtering, but it’s known to get it wrong. And to manually dig out the legitimate comments from hundreds of spam comments is no mean task. Recently, I reviewed two better alternatives […]

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AntiSpam – Looking Beyond Akismet

Akismet- the antispam plugin bundled with WordPress is a lifesaver. It really is. But, it is far from perfect. Its does occasionally let a spam comment slip through or give false positives. Here are two worthy free alternatives to Akismet that you can consider. Defensio The first option is Defensio by Karabunga Inc which claims […]

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Top Five Little Known WordPress Plugins

Everyone and their friends have probably written about their favourite WordPress plugins – plugins one can not do without. However, this list is slightly different. Here, I present to you five wonderful plugins, which I feel haven’t received the spotlight that they deserve. In fact, a quick search on Technorati revealed that these plugins havent […]

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