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HWMonitor – The All In One Temperature Monitor

We are long past the days when Air Conditioning was considered to be an essential requirement for Computers, but paying a little attention to your computer’s temperature levels can save you some headaches and prevent disasters. HWMonitor reads all the main health sensors present in your PC. Its a complete solution that displays your voltage […]

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WindowSpace Brings AeroSnap to XP and Vista

One of the best new features in Windows7 is Aero Snap. Drag a window to the left or right edge of the screen and it will automatically get docked to that edge and resized to half the screen width. Drag it to the top edge and it will get maximized. Now with WindowSpace from NTWind […]

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Blue Badge – Unlock All Locked Features in Windows 7

The Pre-Beta Windows 7 build distributed by Microsoft at the PDC’08 (build 6801 – the one readily available on torrent websites) doesn’t contain many of the eagerly anticipated features of Windows 7 like the super taskbar. However as Rafael Rivera discovered many of the features are actually present but locked down. Till now we had […]

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