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Opera 10 Beta 2 Released

The second beta of Opera v10 is out. Although you can download the build from Opera’s ftp servers the release hasn’t been officially announced. Opera will possibly announce it within new few hours. Beta 2 should be a future complete version of Opera 10. We will have to wait for the changelog to learn exactly […]

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Opera Bytes v7 – A Brand New Skin and More

Welcome to the seventh edition of Opera Bytes – my semi-regular column about all things Opera. Opera got a makeover with Kestrel (v9.5). While the new skin was definitely better than the previous one and put Opera ahead of most of its competitors as far as looks was concerned, it did have a few kinks. […]

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Happy Birthday Opera

Fifteen years ago two young employees at Telenor (Norwegian phone company) began working on a new browser. Little did they know that in fifteen years that little project would soon becoming the pioneer of all modern web browsers – Opera. Although Opera never managed to grow beyond its status as a minority web browser, its […]

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Opera 10 – First Glimpse

The wait is over! Peregrine is finally here! Opera claims that the new build is up to 30% faster than the previous build! I have been using Peregrine for last couple of hours and it’s definitely blazing fast. I haven’t done any tests but Peregrine definitely puts Opera right on track to reclaim the lost […]

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