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Auto Correct Perspective Distortion in Photographs with ShiftN

One of the biggest mistakes amateur photographers make while snapping photographs is that they ignore the perspective. The problem of perspective distortion occurs mostly when architectural elements, forests etc are involved. This can often result in weird effects like buildings which appear to be falling on themselves, walls which appear to be unnaturally curved or […]

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Ten Add-ons That Will Make Songbird Rock

I started using Songbird when I began using Linux (again). I wanted something with a powerful library and an intuitive user-interface. Amarok just didn’t feel right on GNOME and although Exaile was pretty brilliant I still felt something was missing. That was till I tried Songbird. I had last tried it on windows a long […]

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Download Fully Synchronised Song Lyrics with MiniLyrics

While there are hundreds of applications that are capable of displaying lyrics very few support synchronised lyrics and karaoke mode. MiniLyrics belongs to this rare category of lyrics plugins. It supports an insane number of applications (21 in all) including Windows Media Player, Winamp, Foobar, The KMPlayer, VLC Player, Songbird, iTunes and RealPlayer. And since […]

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