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Seven Premium Antivirus Software for Free

On previous occasions, I brought to you Six Premium Antivirus Software for Free, but this time I shall do one better. Read on to learn how to obtain extended trial license keys for popular antivirus products including Kaspersky, Norton, Mcafee and Avira. If you aren’t sure about the antivirus product is best for you and […]

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Vaccinate Your USB Drive Against Malware

Besides the internet, one of the most common methods of propagation of malware are USB Devices (removable storage). Almost all such malwares work in a similar way. They copy themselves onto the USB device and automatically execute themselves when inserted in another computer. In order to achieve this they make use of the autorun.inf file. […]

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Antivirus Shootout – Feb 09

It’s been quite some time since I took a look at how popular antivirus softwares are doing. Earlier this week Av-comparatives.org released the results of their on-demand comparatives. More than a dozen antivirus softwares were tested using about more than 1.2 million malware samples. Most of the traditional performers maintained their good showing, but there […]

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