Happy Birthday Opera

Today my favorite browser Opera celebrates it’s 10th Birthday ONLINE! In 1994, two engineers at Telenor (the Norwegian phone company) developed the Opera browser for the company’s intranet.The following year, two members of the team — Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Geir Ivars?y — left Telenor to establish Opera Software to develop the browser commercially.Opera […]

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Get Opera , Get Smart

About a month after it’s release Opera v8 has crossed the 4 million download mark,thus prooving that it has created quite a bit of interest among netizens.Offcourse Firefox fan would perhaps grinn sarcastically at this figure as in about the same time Firefox had grossed twice the number of downloads.However that doesnt make any difference […]

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I am back!

Finally,i got my blog up and running.I had to change host as i couldnt acces the admincp of my previous host!As a result of that i couldn’t get my mysql db also backed up. I have put up some of my old articles but all comments have been lost. Let’s hope that this host lasts […]

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Greatest exercise of democracy

Election is the greatest exercise in democracy.And the communist party in west bengal is adamant to make sure that they carry out this exercise in a way like no other government(they do have some competition from the neighbour though) Here is picture from a local newspaper revealing as to how extraordinary this local governing bodies […]

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Was Jinnah Secular?

Advani’s recent comment that “Jinnah was secular” has created a huge political storm in India.In the face of barrage of attacks from RSS and internal grudgings Advani has decided to resign. But the question is was Jinnah secular? Jinnah was an well educated Muslim who didnt belive in the supersitions and rituals of the religion.Initially […]

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A couple of days ago I mentioned in this article that there are romours that Advani may have been among the group of People that had attempted to assassinate Jinnah in 1947. But Pakistan has squashed those rumours saying that L.K. Advani’s name does not figure in the FIR filed in 1947 in connection with […]

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Faces of India

Stare at the underbelly of Asia and behold the Indian behemoth: 100 crore people – one-sixth of the world’s populatio – who live in a country one-third the size of the U.S., who speak more than a thousand languages and dialects, and who support more than 20 political parties in the world’s biggest and perhaps […]

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Museum of Hoaxes

This site has got it all. From people claiming to have Princess Diana’s Kidney to information about panties that tell you about ur “some one specials” location,heart rate and temperature. This site is pretty exhaustive with listing of top 100 April Fools day pranks to ideas for college pranks. The author says that he created […]

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