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Get Invited to the Redesigned Orkut

Couple of days ago, I had reviewed the redesigned Orkut. Check out that article, in case you haven’t heard about the redesign. I offered 3 invites, but they were used up pretty fast. Google just sent me few more invites. And I am going to give them away too. If you want to be invited […]

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Fight Climate Change – Five Ways You Can Make A Difference [Blog Action Day 2009]

While there may be debate about the extent of climate change, one thing is undisputable – if we don’t mend our ways sooner or later there will be a catastrophe. On the personal level there are many things you can do to fight climate change. Even something as simple and basic as switching off the light and fans every time you leave your room can make a difference. Since, this is a technology blog I will share a few simple ways you can fight climate change while using your computer.

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Twenty Fabulous Windows 7 Themes [Visual Styles]

The default Windows 7 theme is pretty cool and you can even personalise it by changing the glass colours. In fact there are plenty of cool themes available online for Windows 7. However, sooner or later you are bound to get tired of the default Windows 7 Aero theme. Fortunately for us, the modding community has already started developing new unique Visual Styles for Windows 7. Here are some of my 7 favourite Windows 7 Themes:

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Mozy Backup Giveaway Contest Winner

The Mozy Home Unlimited License giveaway is over. There were sixteen participants with many of them having multiple entries (gained via twitter and blog posts). To pick the winner I created a spreadsheet of all the entries and used to generate the winning entry number. The lucky winner is HelloKit. She will soon receive […]

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