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Google OS is Here and It’s Called Chrome

People have been speculating about a Google Operating System ever since Google released Gmail. And the rumours about Google OS grew even stronger after they announced Android in late 2007. However, all these speculations about Google’s own operating system were just that – speculation. Today Google changed all that. Earlier today they dropped a bomb […]

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Ten Add-ons That Will Make Songbird Rock

I started using Songbird when I began using Linux (again). I wanted something with a powerful library and an intuitive user-interface. Amarok just didn’t feel right on GNOME and although Exaile was pretty brilliant I still felt something was missing. That was till I tried Songbird. I had last tried it on windows a long […]

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The Ultimate List of Best Free Games

Making a game is an expensive affair, often costing millions of dollars. Half Life 2 cost Valve in excess of $40 million. Considering the amount of effort and money it takes to create a game, it’s not surprising that high quality free games are few and far in between. But that doesn’t mean that there […]

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