Opera for Phones Refreshed – Opera Mini 5.1 and Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta Released

Opera-for-Phones After polishing up their desktop offering, Opera Software has turned their attention towards their mobile offerings. Here are some of the updates released have been pushed through over the past few days:

Arrow i) Opera Mini 5.1 for Java and S40 Phones: While Opera Mini 5 was a dramatic improvement over Opera Mini 4, the new features came at a cost. Many devices, which were previously compatible with Opera Mini, failed to run O Mini 5. Numerous others complained about running out of memory. Opera Mini 5.1 tries to fix these issues and makes it compatible with more than 3000 handsets. This release also includes a refined skin with improved tab handling.

Arrow ii) Opera Mini 5.1 for Android: Yesterday, Opera released Opera Mini 5.1 for Android. Android phones are touchscreen devices meant to be used without a stylus. Unfortunately, this can sometimes make accurately pressing tiny buttons (e.g. close tab button) really tricky. The new Opera Mini has a slightly modified skin which makes switching between tabs and closing tabs easier. Font rendering while zoomed out has also been improved. And oh yeah, you can finally set Opera Mini as a default browser, without relying on 3rd party apps.

Arrow iii) Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta for Symbian S60: This release bridges the gap between the desktop builds and mobile builds by introducing the new Presto rendering engine, Vega graphics library and Carakan JavaScript engine (not JIT support though). Also included in this release is support for Geolocation.

Arrow iv) Opera Mobile 10.1 Unofficial Build for Maemo: Earlier on, I had written about an unofficial port of Opera Mobile for Maemo being developed by some Opera employees. The good news is that even without the official stamp of recommendation, the project has been making steady progress. A short while ago, Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta for Maemo driven devices (N800 and N900) was released. Besides fixing numerous bugs, this build also updates the codebase to Opera Mobile 10.1. As a result, Maemo users also can enjoy all the latest goodies including Carakan and Geolocation. As an added bonus, this release also supports JIT.

Download Opera Mini 5.1 for Java and Symbian S40
Download Opera Mini 5.1 for Android
Download Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta for Symbian
Download Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta for Maemo

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4 Responses to Opera for Phones Refreshed – Opera Mini 5.1 and Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta Released

  1. Jezabel July 22, 2010 at 1:19 am #

    Funny, i was thinking of updating opera, and while reading your post i did the upgrade. Defiantly the tabs are easier to handle and i don’t hit the wrong ones. AWESOME post!! yey
    .-= Jezabel´s last blog ..Top wp plugins =-.

    • Komodo Dragon February 5, 2011 at 2:40 pm #

      They have done a good job with the tabs indeed. Perhaps some of the other browsers could pick up a tip from it and incorporate similar ideas in their next update as well.

  2. subcorpus July 29, 2010 at 8:08 am #

    updating now !!!

  3. used tires February 5, 2011 at 11:57 am #

    I am surprised though, that we aren’t in a new version yet.. thought by this time we would have gone beyond 5.1


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