Customise and Enhance Your Right Click Context Menu

Previously, I had talked about cleaning-up your right click context menu to make it snappier. Today, I will look at a couple of apps, which would allow you to enhance the context menu by installing a plethora of additional options.


JDContextMenu is a straight-forward app which works entirely from the right-click context menu. While some options like MD5 generation aren’t of any use to a common user, there are a quite a few handy additions. The more useful ones are:

JDContextMenu Options

JDContextMenu Options Arrow CMD Here: Opens the command prompt with the current location as the present working directory.
Arrow Copy Full Name/Short Name to Clipboard: Copies path or filename to clipboard.
Arrow Add File-Link to Startup Folder: Adds the selected file to
Windows startup list.
Arrow Favorites: Similar to the concept of ‘Favorites’ in Windows 7; it is intended to provide quick access to most frequently accessed folders.

JDContextMenu is undoubtedly a handy utility and is worth checking out. However, it appears limited and rigid when compared to the next app I am about to discuss.

Download JDContextMenu (4.76 MB)
Cost: Free
Version Reviewed: 1.3
Operating System: Windows all

FileMenu Tools

FileMenu Tools

FileMenu Tools (FMT) is a long time favourite of mine. The editor pane is divided into 3 tabs – Commands of FileMenu Tools, “Send To” Menu and Commands of other Applications. By default, FMT creates a new entry in your context menu called “FileMenu Tools” which provide additional functionality. Some of my favourite inbuilt commands are:
FileMenu Tools Customised Contest Menu Arrow CommandLine from Here: Performs the same task as ‘CMDHere’ option in JDContextMenu.
Arrow Advanced Renamer: Renames selected files using user specified patterns.
Arrow Delete Locked File: Performs the same function as Unlocker, i.e. deletes files which have been locked by some process.
Arrow Shred Files: Securely deletes files so that they can’t be easily restored using data recovery utilities.
Arrow Pack to Folder: Automatically creates a new folder and moves selected files to that folder.
Arrow Split File/Join File: Does the task of a file splitter. Useful if you need to share large files using removable media.
Arrow Copy Path: Copies the path of the file.

If you are not satisfied with the dozens of in-built commands, you can easily create your own command. Besides enhancing your right click context menu, you can also use FMT to clean it up. You can use it to disable or delete entries created by other programs. As I mentioned earlier, FMT is amongst my favourite apps and I have no hesitation in recommending it to everyone.

FileMenu Tools Clean-up Context Menu

Download FileMenu Tools (7.34 MB)
Cost: Free
Version Reviewed: 5.7
Operating System: Windows all

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    That’s slick program, pretty sweet that it lets you customize the menus


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