Fix Failed Installations or Uninstallations With Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

Failed software installations and uninstallations can be a major headache. Last year, while I was trying to refresh my Norton installation, the uninstaller failed. This left me in no man’s land since neither could I uninstall Norton, nor could I reinstall it (due to the presence of a broken installation). In my case AppRemover came to my rescue. However, AppRemover works only with Antivirus utilities. What if something similar had happened with other applications?

I found a tiny app called Windows Installer Cleanup Utility (WICU), which appeared to be the potential solution. Ironically, the setup for Windows Installer Cleanup Utility also failed. Fortunately, I found a fix at the WinHelpOnline Blog (skip to the end of the post if WICU setup fails for you too) and managed to get it working.


The utility itself is simple and straight forward. The application lists all everything currently installed in your system. Select the application you are having trouble with and WICU would simply delete the problematic entry from the installation database. It takes care of related files as well as registry entries. This should allow you to properly re-install the broken application. It must be noted here that Windows Installer Cleanup Utility doesn’t uninstall the broken application. It just removes it from the installation database, so that you can reinstall it. Obviously WICU won’t work if the application in question doesn’t utilise the Windows Installer.

Download Windows Installer Cleanup Utility (352 KB)
Cost: Free
Operating System: Windows all

How to Install Windows Installer Cleanup Utility if Setup Fails

Arrow 1. Open your temporary folder by entering %temp% in the Start Menu.
Arrow 2. Double click on the WICU installer (msicuu2.exe). Don’t close the error message (i.e. don’t click on OK).
Arrow 3. Inside your temporary folder you should find a folder named IXP000.TMP. Copy this to your desktop (or wherever you wish).
Arrow 4. Close the error message (from step 2) and open the copy of IXP000.TMP folder you created in step 3.
Arrow 5. If you are on Windows 95/98/Me rename the file MsiZapA.exe to MsiZap.exe. For newer operating systems, rename MsiZapU.exe to MsiZap.exe.
Arrow 6. Double click on msicuu.exe to launch the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.

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10 Responses to Fix Failed Installations or Uninstallations With Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

  1. Shaunak De January 18, 2010 at 4:14 am #

    Broken and half installed apps can be a real headache. Hunting for remnant files all over ones disk and registry is exhausting. Hopefully this utility will ease the process.
    .-= Shaunak De´s last blog ..Hang Him Already =-.

  2. Anish K.S January 23, 2010 at 2:56 pm #

    Will check it, size is too small.
    .-= Anish K.S´s last blog Easier way to find website information =-.

  3. Amal Roy January 25, 2010 at 5:53 am #

    Sleek and tidy software. I do a lot of installations and uninstallations daily. Thanks pallab.
    .-= Amal Roy´s last blog ..Infolinks Review – The best in-text Advertising Program =-.

  4. alex @ estate February 6, 2010 at 5:43 pm #

    hmmmmmmmmmmm………..great tool but i use your uninstaller for remove programs…..
    .-= alex @ estate´s last blog ..What Do Wealthy Home Buyers Want From Their Real Estate Agent? =-.

  5. Me February 10, 2010 at 10:06 am #

    After you install utility, why do you have to hunt it down to launch it???

  6. Chel March 6, 2010 at 5:46 am #

    Thank you so much! This has been driving me mad for about a week now. All better! :)

  7. Chris B September 27, 2010 at 10:50 pm #

    THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU! Had a random error with a quicktime install/uninstall (among other previous problems). With this I was able to fix these!

  8. G.N.R.S.U October 9, 2010 at 4:22 am #


  9. Mckeag January 10, 2011 at 12:14 am #

    Great post!
    Keep it up

  10. Earley January 17, 2011 at 1:03 am #

    Nice thought!
    Keep it up

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