Opera 10.50 Unveiled: Opera Is Once Again the Fastest Browser on Earth

Opera Browser Earlier today Opera Software released the official 10.5 pre-alpha. I had covered the leaked release, couple of days ago. This build is essentially the same with one major difference – Carakan (Opera’s new JavaScript rendering engine). They had promised us speed and that’s what we got. If you to learn more about the new features head over to Techie-Buzz. But, if you are interested in some benchmarks stick along and enjoy the ride.

I started off with the V8 Benchmark Suite since it was the fastest. I ran the test thrice on each of the browsers and used the average. The results were quire pleasing.


Chrome still won but Opera managed to outperform Firefox and Safari. But this test is developed by the folks behind Chrome, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Chrome performs well in it.

The next test I tried was Sunspider. I dropped non-competitors like Opera 10.20 and Internet Explorer 8 to save some time.


Once again Firefox wasn’t even close to the other browsers. Opera was the best performer here, followed by Safari.

Finally, I went for Peacekeeper. Due to some odd reason, the test just refused to run on Firefox 3.6 Beta 5. I tried thrice and ended up getting the same error. But its rather unlikely that Firefox would have been able to make a difference anyway. So here are the results:


Opera winning once again. So, in 2/3 tests Opera managed to outperform Chrome. Opera has always had a snappy rendering engine and thanks to a super fast ECMAScript/JavaScript engine Opera is the fastest browser on earth – once again. Congratulations to Opera on regaining the throne.

Download Opera 10.50 (pre-alpha): Windows Mac
License: Freeware
[This build has several known issues and is intended only for testing]

Note: Builds used for testing are: Opera 10.20 Alpha 1, Opera 10.50 Pre-Alpha, Firefox 3.6 Beta 5, Safari 4.0.4, Chrome and Internet Explorer 8.

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  2. Dodge Neon SRT4 February 6, 2011 at 7:54 pm #

    It’s True. I downloaded the latest Opera. It is excellent One Man. My Browsing Speed has improved a lot.

  3. Gazz April 28, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

    Nice one, sounds good, thanks.


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