Google Integrates Google Hot Trends Into Search Results

Make no mistake; Twitter poses a serious threat to Google. And Google knows it. They have already declared real time search as their biggest challenge. Real time search is all about picking up on ‘What’s Hot’ right now. Twitter does that very well and is a good indicator of what people are interested in at that moment. Unknown to many, Google has had a product similar to Twitter’s Trending Topics for more than a year. It’s called Hot Trends. It is basically a list of the hottest search queries in the United States during the past hour. The biggest problem with Hot Trends was that there was no easy way to access it directly from Google Search. Hence, most people weren’t even aware of its existence.

Earlier today Google decided to change all that and make Google Trends more accessible. Google Hot Trends is now directly integrated into search results. If you search for any term present in Google’s Hot Trends list you will be presented with a one box displaying more information on the trending topic. Interestingly enough Google has reduced the number of trends listed on Hot Trends to 40. However, the Google Trends onebox will be displayed for all queries present in the top 100.

Google Hot Trends

Google Trends

The integration of Hot Trends may not be revolutionary. However, it’s a smart move which represents the logical next step for Google in its quest towards real time search. Google is feeling the heat from Bing and Twitter and realises that the only way it will remain ahead of the competition is by constantly evolving. May be its time that Microsoft took notice and decided to do something with xRank for Bing.

2 Responses to Google Integrates Google Hot Trends Into Search Results

  1. Shaunak De September 30, 2009 at 5:36 pm #

    Its hard work staying on top, and google knows it. Evolution is the only way forward.

    One feature that I would really like to see is better and smarter multimedia search. Currently, intelligent image searching is very limited and intelligent video is virtually non existent.
    .-= Shaunak De´s last blog ..Durga =-.

  2. rody @ Satellite Internet October 9, 2009 at 11:18 am #

    Google is a well know search engine all over the world. Google can solve any problem whenever we got any doubt, what we have to do is type the words into the Google search box and press enter the rest will do by the search engine and you can choose a better one from the display result. I am very much happy searching everything in goggle but when it comes to multimedia the searching is very limited and intelligent video doesn’t came up.

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