LastPass : Password Manager and Form Filler

LastPass LastPass is an online password manager and form filler that promises that it will be the last password you would ever need to remember. It’s definitely not the first software of its kind. Roboform has been the king of all such softwares for a long time. Does LastPass pack enough punch to defeat Roboform? Let’s take a look.

LastPass is a newage solution that realises the importance of data portability. Accordingly all the password and profiles are encrypted and stored offline as well as online. This ensures wherever you go, all your data is always available to you. For more information on the encryption and storage technology check out this page.

Immediately after installation LastPass asks you to create an online account and imports existing data from Internet Explorer, Firefox, RoboForm, 1Password, KeePass, MyPasswordSafe, Password Safe, Sxipper, and PassPack. LastPass integrates itself seamlessly with Internet Explorer and Firefox via plugins. Additionally it provides 3 bookmarklets to extend the LastPass experience to all the other browsers and mobile devices. Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, iPhone and even Opera Mini is supported through bookmarklets. Opera fans have been craving for a AIRoboform plugin or something similar to implement auto-form filling for a long time. LastPass finally allows Opera users to enjoy auto forum-completion in Roboform style. LastPass also has a mobile optimised page for accessing data from mobile phones.

LastPass : Password Vault
LastPass : Password Vault

Some of the other features of LastPass are:
Arrow Share passwords securely with your friends.
Arrow Generate secure passwords
Arrow Access from USB keys
Arrow On-screen keyboard to protect you from keyloggers.
Arrow One Time Password to access LastPass vault from untrusted computers.

LastPass is an amazing software. It’s biggest strength lies in it’s accessibility. The bookmarklets ensure that LastPass can be accessed from almost any browser on almost any Operating System. It works just as advertised and fills forms and login fields without any hitch! LastPass makes browsing the web a lot less annoying and at the same time enhances your security. All this at the best price possible – FREE!

Download LastPass (3.76 MB)
Official Website
Platforms Supported : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Linux and Mac OS X
License : Freeware

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  1. Idealo News February 16, 2009 at 7:32 pm #

    That looks very cool, at the moment I use keepass which isnt integrated into Firefox but is very portable, free and allows me to put passwords into groups and sub groups for each site I own. If this is similar I might take a look.


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