RapidZearch – Search Engine for File Sharing Sites

RapidZearch.Com RapidZearch is a file search engine which makes finding files online easier by searching for files in multiple file sharing and uploading sites. Currently Rapidshare, Megaupload, Sendspace, 4shared, Mediafire and Badongo are supported. RapidZearch.com database includes over 4,000,000 file links only for rapidshare.com and millions of links for other popular file sharing and uploading sites. It claims to update its database daily automatically trashing dead/invalid links.

RapidZearch does its job decently enough. You can always use Google to search for rapidshare, megaupload links by using the search string “keyword +website.com” (this actually works better than the often advertised “site:rapidshare.com query” search string). In fact Google search yielded better results in my test queries. However, with Google Search you would always end up with some invalid links or links to various rapidshare link library. RapidZearch has the ability clear out all the clutter and display only valid links. Another shortcoming of RapidZearch is the absence of the option to filter results by file extension (once again possible in google using the search string “+inurl:extension query”.

While RapidZearch is not the first service of it’s kind , its execution is better than most. I personally would continue using Google however RapidZearch definitely presents a simpler alternative which would be preffered by many.


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  1. Kelly March 25, 2010 at 12:02 am #

    Thanks, that was very useful. And I also use http://www.usemeplz.com to find files on rapidshare. I think it is also a good search engine, you should try it.

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