CoolFlick – Flickr Meets CoolIris

CoolFlick Sometime back I had reviewed Cooliris (formerly called Piclens) – a browser plugin that allows you to browse through image galleries in 3D. Till this day Cooliris remains one of my favourite Firefox extensions. But the limitation of Cooliris is that it works only with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari (for Mac) and you need to download it before getting started, something which is a bit inconvenient if you access the net a lot from cybercafes.

This is where CoolFlick comes in. CoolFlick is a new web-based mashup that combines Cooliris and Flickr. It works on all browsers as long as Adobe Flash Player is installed. CoolFlick is not just fun its also productive and one of the best ways to browse through a large set of photos. You can search for images on Flickr by tags or browse through the popular tags. Advanced image search options such as searching only for photos licensed under Creative Commons or sorting images according to age are absent. This is something I would definitely like to see added in the future. What really makes CoolFlick a compelling mashup is the ability to embed and share the CoolFlick widgets. Here is a sample :

While CoolFlick has its shortcomings it allows me to browse Flickr in Cooliris style using Opera. So I am pleased.

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