Email Bankruptcy – A Growing Reality?

Many of you must be wondering “What is Email Bankruptcy?”. Double-Tongued defines it as “choosing to delete, archive, or ignore a very large number of email messages without ever reading them, replying to each with a unique response, or otherwise acting individually on them“.

E-mail is fast, cheap (often free) and supposedly convenient. But, due to rapid increase in volume it is becoming a burden for many. Just separating the stuff you need from all the junk present in the inbox has become a time consuming and frustrating process.

Although venture Capitalist Fred Wilson popularised this phenomenon by declaring email bankruptcy last month, the phenomenon itself isn’t new. Washington Post suggests that Sherry Turkle – a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor, had coined this term as early as in 1999. Last September, singer Moby had announced that he wouldn�t be using email for a year. And this trend is likely to grow. Boston dot com is reporting that more people are following suite.

But, the big question is – “If not email, then what?”. Undoubtedly, e-mail has many unique advantages and at the moment it is not possibly to completely replace email. Instant Messages, SMS and Phone calls are emerging as the preferred replacement to E-mail. Fred Wilson himself has discussed the alternatives here.

If you receive large volumes of e-mail everyday and don’t want to get bankrupt you should check out this interview with Robert Scoble. He explains how he absorbs 1000 plus e-mail everyday. The video is included below.


  1. Affiliate Marketing Forum - May 30, 2007

    Email Bankruptcy…

    Since the creation of the concept of email, a lot of its users have experienced an internet term such as email bankruptcy, this process involves the deletion, organization of your email account’s mess……

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